This is the exclusive site of everything Rolling Dog Pictures. Founded in 2011 by Jason Logan, Rolling Dog Pictures strives to produce and distribute the best short and feature independent films seen on the small and big screen. Leak, a psychological mind bender, can be seen here. We're in the final stages of post-production on the faith based film, Saving the Tin Man (Check out the Official trailer below). And we're currently in pre-production on the feature film,  Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL. We hope you enjoy our films and you find yourself talking about them for years to come.   

The Coil is a story about a man, Tyson Kraeplin (Adam Randall) who suffers from crippling agoraphobia making him a complete shut-in. As the days pass by he starts hearing noises in his home. Radios long believed dead start coming on at various times. Banging,shuffling and footsteps coming from all areas of the house, especially the attic. He FaceTime's his psychiatrist who advises him to get out of the house and take his dog for a walk. As terrifying as it seems, Tyson begrudgingly takes his dog and makes a trip to the private park that adjoins his backyard. While circling the park he notices that although it is the middle of spring, the grass is browning and there are strange markings in the field. The trees are losing all their leaves and dying. Houses look empty and the pets that live in those houses are no longer barking. The death that has fallen on all these houses are making a circle...and the circle ends right in Tyson's backyard.

Rolling Dog Pictures is pleased to bring you our newest short film, "Copper". Starring Adam Randall & Diana Clary. Check it out here:

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The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Psychological

/Horror Film, The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL.

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This is the Official trailer of the Zaghan Entertainment/Rolling Dog Pictures produced, faith based feature film Saving the Tin Man.  Saving the Tin Man is a worthy film about faith, perseverance, heart health & organ donation awareness. All worthy causes. So take the time to watch this Official trailer and if you like what you see please spread the word about this film. #savingthetinmanmovie #STTM #whoisthetinman #followthetrinity #hearthealth #organdonation